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Technology Education

Implementing technology in elementary classrooms can be difficult, but rewarding. Alamo City School believes that in today’s technology-based society it is imperative for all students to be technologically literate. Technological literacy, similar to other literacy efforts, requires knowledge and practice acquired over time.

While some schools offer technology as a class or subject area, ACS utilizes technology in all subject areas and throughout grade levels. When students are using technology as a learning tool, they are in an active role rather than the passive role of receiving information. The student is actively making choices about how to generate, obtain, manipulate, or display information.

Technology allows students to actively think about information, make choices, and execute skills that are not as feasible when only teacher-led lessons are utilized. Moreover, when technology is used as a tool to support students in performing authentic tasks, the students are in the position of defining their goals and evaluating their own progress. These are life-long learning skills that prepare students to succeed through high school and beyond.


Internet Skills

The Internet is a remarkable resource and an enormous database of information that can be used to perform thorough research in a short amount of time. The Internet offers a way for curious minds to gain vast amounts of information on nearly unlimited topics. We also know that there are plenty of sites that are not appropriate for elementary students. We believe that technology education can teach our students how to use this remarkable resource safely and appropriately.

We also rely on our local firewalls and outside web filters to provide a safe and secure connection for our students and faculty to access and utilize this wonderful resource.

Technology at Alamo

IMG 9744At Alamo City School we are proud of what we have to offer our teachers and students. Every classroom is equipped with a Promethean Smart Board and ActivInspire software along with an ActivView and ActivResponse system. These are used for displaying information, teacher-led instructions, as well as student interactive learning. Every teacher at ACS is provided a Macintosh laptop, iPod touch, and media display accessories.

IMG 9759In grades K-3 we provide every student a Netbook or Macbook that is kept in charging carts in their homeroom classes. The students use these throughout the day in each of their subject courses.

In grades 4-6 we have 7 mobile carts available with 20-25 Macbooks in each. With approximately 230 students in grades 4-6 that is about 1 computer for every 1.5 students. We are extremely close to a 1-1 ratio of students to laptops!

IMG 9751Our Special Education Department is equipped with Macbooks, iPads, and Netbooks to help our students reach their full potential at every level.

 iPads are also utilized in our Tier 3 classes, Speech and Language department, as well as our 5th and 6th grade reading classes.



The web-based software programs we have available for classroom instruction and student individual learning are:

  1. Renaissance Place
    • Star Reading
    • Star Math
    • Accelerated Reader
    • Accelerated Math
    • Star Early Literacy
    • Star Enterprise
  2. The Learning Station by Pearson
  3. Compass Learning
  4. Triumph Learning
  5. Kid’s College
  6. Lexia Learning


Cyberbullying and Internet Safety

Alamo City School takes the safety of our students very seriously while they are on our network. We are a CIPA compliant school assuring the content viewed by staff and children is safe for your child. Each teacher addresses web safety points with each student. We also take Cyberbullying seriously. The following lessons are reviewed with all internet users.

Cyberbullying Lesson 1

Cyberbullying Lesson 2


Links to internet safety websites


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